Extensive Press Coverage of Haub Gift to Law School

May 6, 2016 Press Release
The announcement that Pace University would rename the law school in honor of Elisabeth Haub and in recognition of the historic gift given to the school by the Elisabeth Haub Foundation prompted extensive press coverage.
Preston and Ottinger Halls
Preston and Ottinger Halls

First reported in the “Wall Street Journal”, the story was also carried in both law publications as well as general news outlets.

The “Wall Street Journal Law Blog” broke the news.

“Bloomberg Business News” carried the story.

As reported in the “Westchester County Business Journal.”

“The New York Law Journal” reported the news, as well.

The Associated Press reported the story which means it was carried in outlets throughout the country including “Newsday,” “The Washington Times” and the “San Francisco Chronicle” as well as WCAX in Burlington, VT

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