Approach the Bench TV

March 17, 2021
Approach the Bench

Approach The Bench TV

Haub Law 2L Michael Pabon Jr. and his law school classmates debate and critically discuss current issues all the time. It is part of their everyday law school experience. These everyday conversations sparked an even bigger idea for Michael. He wanted to make “difficult conversations” less intimidating and more commonplace. Michael reached out to his classmates and friends: Maddie Shaff, Abigael Monahan Negron, and William Acevedo-Hernandez. He told them about his idea and they quickly jumped at the opportunity to help expand and build on it. The idea blossomed into “Approach The Bench TV”(ATB). Through ATB, the students created a space where every voice could be heard, emphasizing the importance of individual experiences and backgrounds.

Founder, Michael Pabon Jr. notes that, “ATB is a way to educate, provide perspective and give back to the community. From providing internships, to charity donations, to sparking thoughtful conversations at home... we feel our efforts can change lives. If someone at home learns just one thing that they didn’t know prior to watching, we did our job.”

Each episode of Approach The Bench TV consists of three parts. The first part is an informational hosted by Michael Pabon and Maddie Shaff. The second is an expert interview conducted by our hosts, Michael Pabon and Maddie Shaff. The third part is a roundtable discussion run by two captains: Jay Cruger and Abigael Monahan Negron. For the third part, the captains invite two members from the community to come join in the discussion. Positions were assigned based on everyone’s strengths and interests. As the work within ATB grew, Michael delegated positions to manage the show better.

Abi Monohan Negron notes that “for the first episode of ATB, we discussed Black Lives Matter and Rioting. The expert interview was with Haub Law’s very own Distinguished Professor Bennett Gershman. He was an obvious choice for his extensive and incredible knowledge of constitutional law. It is a collaborative effort to decide who will make a good expert depending on the topic. In the end, all decisions are approved by Michael, as the CEO and founder of ATB.”

You can learn more about Approach The Bench TV at the website:

Approach The Bench TV currently consists of:

Michael Pabon Jr.: CEO and Co-host

Madison Shaff: Vice-President and Co-host

Abigael Monahan Negron: Director of Community Outreach and Debate Captain

William Acevedo-Hernandez: Director of Legal Affairs

Evan Patton: Legal Affairs Associate

Jay Cruger: Debate Captain

Christine Morano: Director of Research

John Manna, Juliana Ruperto and Sean Jacoby: Research associates

Matt Mastrangelo: Executive Producer

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