Alumni and Student Networking Success

March 31, 2022

On Monday, March 28, current law students and alumni from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University joined together for a networking event on the Haub Law Campus. The event offered students the opportunity to network with recent alumni and learn more about the various potential career avenues after graduating from law school. In attendance were 15 alumni who have successful careers in both the public and private sectors, along with approximately 50 law students. This event was part of the semester-long wellness initiative, “Haub Law’s Hub of Belonging: the 8 Pillars of Wellness.” Through a semester-long series of programming and campus initiatives focused on incorporating the eight pillars of wellness, law students will be offered a path towards optimal wellbeing during their time in law school and thereafter. Pace University’s Chief Wellness Officer awarded a grant to the Office of Student & Campus Affairs to support the success of this exciting and new initiative. This student and alumni networking event, coordinated by the Office of Student & Campus Affairs, the Center for Career and Professional Development (“CCPD”), and the Public Interest Law Students Organization (“PILSO”), fulfilled the occupational wellness pillar of the aforementioned initiative. Overall, the series of programming and campus initiatives have and will focus on the following areas of wellness: mental and emotional, social, intellectual, financial, spiritual, physical, occupational, and environmental. Each of these pillars of wellness will be addressed throughout the Spring 2022 semester, with the underlying overall commitment to help students find fulfillment across all facets of well-being and inclusion. The programming will also incorporate elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly when focusing on the mental and emotional pillar, as well as the social pillar.

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