Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University Trial Team Wins 2024 National Trial League Competition

January 31, 2024
Haub Law National Trial League Competition Champinos 2024

The Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University trial team won the 2024 National Trial League Competition, making them national champions! This is the first time Haub Law has won both the season and the championship title since joining the competition in 2020, marking a significant milestone for the Trial Advocacy Program. Four schools made it to the finals, including UCLA, Denver, South Carolina, and Haub Law, with Haub Law finishing first. Haub Law students Chloe Devanny (3L), Liam Rattigan (3L), and Joseph Demonte (3L) competed alongside their dedicated coaches, Samantha Tighe and Hilary Quinn. “It feels great for Haub Law to have won the National Championship title before my time here comes to an end,” said 3L competitor Chloe Devanny. “We are so thankful and appreciative of the time our coaches, Sam Tighe and Hilary Quinn, dedicated to mentoring and helping us prepare for this moment over the last 5+ months. Fortune favors the hardworking!”

Chloe Devanny competed on both sides (plaintiff and defense) during the trial competition and performed excellently. The team defeated UCLA in the first round, followed by South Carolina, ultimately winning against Denver in the finals. The final round of the Competition took place in front of three judges, with Haub Law winning on all three judge’s score cards. Joseph Demonte won the award of best advocate during the finals. The team was also supported by Madison Lane (2L) who acted as a witness during the Competition and numerous other advocates who participated in the seven rounds prior to this final competition, boosting them to advance to this point. Haub Law’s team also won the Championship title for the regular season.

“Our National Trial teams championship finish is a recognition of the incredible work and talent of our students and coaches, the school’s commitment to our nationally ranked advocacy program, and the work of all our alumni coaches and student advocates,” said Director of Haub Law’s Advocacy Programs and Professor of Practice in Advocacy, Louis Fasulo. “We were the top team of 14 highly ranked schools that made it to the top four. The top four included some of the most competitive and successful programs. It is truly an honor to take home the trophy, but it is equally rewarding to be in league with such powerhouse programs. These students and coaches embody what it takes to succeed.”

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