New York State Judicial Institute

The New York State Judicial Institute is a 52-week-a -year center for education and research designed to enhance the quality of the courts and ensure that the New York State Judiciary sets the standard for judicial excellence around the country. To ensure that the Judiciary remains current on developments in the law as well as other disciplines that influence the law, the Institute focuses its programs on emerging trends and cutting-edge issues. The Institute fosters a "think-tank" atmosphere to help judges fashion solutions to issues facing the justice system. The Institute provides a framework for fostering a dialogue between the Judiciary, the practicing bar, and the public.

"There shall be established a New York State Judicial Institute. This institute shall serve as a continuing statewide center for the provision of education, training, and research facilities for all judges and justices of the unified court system."

- New York State Judiciary Law Section 219-a