Unique summer courses expand access to critical topics in environmental law

Those enrolled in Pace Law School’s field courses might want to bring their walking shoes as well as their laptops. Part of the new Summer Environmental Program, students will step beyond the classroom to study the practical applications of environmental law.

Three field courses are among the 26 intensive one-week, one-credit summer classes offered for the first time by Pace Law’s world-class environmental law program. Those enrolled in the class on Renewable Energy-- whether practicing attorneys, public officials, or law students-- will visit a utility-scale wind farm and other renewable energy developments while those studying brownfield redevelopment law will meet with municipal officials at the site of an existing redevelopment project. Students enrolled in the international track will avail themselves of Pace Law’s many connections within the United Nations to see first-hand how international negotiations unfold.

“With the field courses, what they learn in the classroom, they will immediately see in action,” said Lin Harmon, Assistant Dean and Director of Environmental Law Programs. “They will learn the law, but then they will also go out into the field to see what the challenges are to implementing the law.”

The Summer Environmental Program is designed for a wide range of participants. Law students can earn as many as eight credits. Practicing attorneys have the opportunity to expand their practice areas. Government officials and non-profit professionals can learn the law that applies to their areas of interest. Taught by Pace Law faculty as well as visiting professors and industry experts, course offerings fall within four tracks: energy, environmental, land use and natural resources, and international law.

“Students interested in energy law, for example, may choose from nine innovative and practical courses, including Renewable Energy Practice with Franz Litz, the executive director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center, and Smart Grid, Distributed Generation and Demand Response with visiting professor Joel Eisen,” said Prof. Harmon.

Classes run from May 27 through July 22 and will take place at either the White Plains campus or Pace University’s mid-town facilities. Affordable dormitory rooms are available. For additional information contact Laura Jensen, Assistant Director of Environmental Programs at ljensen@law.pace.edu or call (914) 422-4693.