LLM/MA Dual Degree

DUAL DEGREE UPeace (Costa Rica) and Pace (United States)

Students enrolled in the Dual Degree will obtain a Master of Arts in International Law and Human Rights from UPEACE and a Master of Laws in Environmental Law from Pace

The Dual Degree students must complete 40 academic credits within 24 months as follows:

  1. 12 academic credits at Pace Law and
  2. 19 academic credits at UPEACE.
  3. The students must take an additional 3 UPEACE academic credits as an online Foundations Course taught by UPEACE during the fall semester.
  4. The students must also complete a substantive research paper that meets the requirements of Pace Law and UPEACE


Students interested in being admitted to the Dual Degree need to be admitted to both Universities according to their own regulations

  1. Pace University LLM admission process
  2. UPeace admission MA admission process


Fall Semester residence at Pace Law (12 credits)

Admitted students would spend the fall semester in residence at Pace and earn 9 credits from the following required courses:

  1. Environmental Law Survey (3 credits)
  2. Introduction to US Legal Research (2 credits)
  3. Introduction to American Legal Systems (2 credits)
  4. Science for Environmental Lawyers (2 credits)
  5. 3-7 additional credits from elective courses in the environmental area. Elective offerings vary, but typically in the fall semester Pace Law offers classes such as Administrative Law, Climate Change Seminar, Energy Law, Environmental Dispute Resolution, Environmental Skills and Practice, Historic Preservation, International Environmental Law, Land Use Law, Environmental Justice
  6. UPEACE ONLINE Foundation Course in Peace and Conflict Studies (3 credits)

Spring Semester residence at UPEACE (19 credits)

  1. DIL-6043 Globalization and Human Rights (3 credits)
  2. DIL-6077 Transitional Justice and International Criminal Law (3 credits)
  3. DIL-6080 Human Rights Reporting, Monitoring, and Evaluation (3 credits)
  4. DIL-6081 Maritime & Territorial Dispute Settlement (3 credits)
  5. DIL-6084 International Labour Law (1 credit)
  6. DIL-6131 International Law Related to Armed Conflict I - Jus ad bellum (1 credit)
  7. DIL-6124 International Law Related to Armed Conflict II - Jus in bello (2 credits)
  8. DIL-6100 Public International Law (3 credits)*
  9. DIL-6101 International Human Rights Law (2 credits)
  10. DIL-6102 Regional Mechanisms for Human Rights Protection (3 credits)
  11. DIL-6103 Protection of Refugees (1 credit)
  12. DIL-6105 Universal System for Protection of Human Rights (1 credit)