Financial Aid Policies and Procedures

Financial Aid Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Aid Refund and Repayment

    When a student who is receiving financial aid withdraws from or drops classes for any reason, the resulting refund, credit, or cancellation of tuition, fees, dormitory charges, or meal plan charges must be credited first to the financial aid programs from which the student was receiving funds for that semester. The amount credited to each financial aid program is determined by the type of aid received, the number of credits the student had before and after the drop or withdrawal, the length of time the student was enrolled, and the amount of any adjustment to charges.

    Refund and Repayment
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards

    All students who receive any type of financial aid must make satisfactory academic progress in their degree program in order to maintain continued eligibility for financial aid beyond their initial semester or year at Pace. Standards of academic progress for financial aid are defined by Pace University in accordance with guidelines established by federal or state regulation. These standards are designed to ensure that students do not continue to receive aid if they are not earning credits toward their degree and maintaining a grade point average that will make it possible for them to graduate within a reasonable time-frame for their level of enrollment.

    Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Tax Benefits and Public Service Loan Forgiveness

    Tax benefit information and Q&A regarding Public Service Loan Forgiveness

    Tax Benefits and Public Service Loan Forgiveness