February 2017 Alumni Highlight

Joseph M. MartinWhen Joseph M. Martin ('91) graduated from Pace he was employed as an associate (pending admission to the bar) at the law firm of Jackson, Lewis, Schnitzler and Krupman (later shortened to Jackson Lewis P.C.). The year before, in 1990, as a student, Joe worked as a summer associate at the firm and they were so impressed with him that they offered him a full-time position as an attorney upon graduation. Little did he know, it would turn into a life-long career where he would move up the ranks from Associate to Principal.

During undergraduate school at CUNY, it became clear to Joe that he wanted to be an attorney. "I knew that I wanted a career where I could help others solve their problems. Law was the best path, in my opinion, to making that happen." Shortly after graduating from undergrad, Joe applied to a handful of law schools, ultimately choosing Pace because of its location and positive reputation. "Pace was in the ideal location, you have the court systems right in White Plains, but you are also a train ride away to the City. There was an endless amount of opportunity to pursue a variety of careers at a multitude of companies and firms."

"There has always been a great curriculum at Pace, which luckily for me, included many labor and employment related classes, which I took advantage of while a student." Joe was extremely involved as a student, joining a variety of student organizations, and also as the Articles Editor for the Pace Law Review. "Looking back it was a great time of my life and I met many wonderful people, both my classmates and my professors. It was a very collaborative experience. I knew that I could turn as easily to my peers to bounce ideas off of them as I could to my professors."

In 1991, when Joe joined Jackson Lewis as an associate, the firm, then known as Jackson, Lewis, Schnitzler and Krupman, had approximately 118 attorneys and 12-13 offices. And, now, the firm, Jackson Lewis, has over 800 attorneys and 55 offices across the United States and in Puerto Rico. "Back at the beginning I focused on traditional labor law work, but as the employment litigation area exploded I moved into litigation have been doing employment litigation ever since. The area of Labor & Employment Law, or as we now call it "Workplace Law" has grown unbelievably over the years." Joe has enjoyed the past 25+ years at Jackson Lewis and is proud of his firm. "recently we were named by U.S. News and World Report in the categories of "Best Lawyers", "Best Law Firms", and as the "2017 Law Firm of The Year - Employment Law- Management".

Joe has been a member of the School’s Alumni Board since he graduated and has chaired various committees and served in various executive positions over the years, including as President. "I have had the opportunity to get to know many of the Deans over the years. I have also always enjoyed maintaining a presence on campus and getting to know the current students, who will one day be our fellow alumni. I have always felt it was important to stay connected to the School since that is where I got my start and a terrific legal education."

Joe has four children (three daughters and a son) and lives in Valhalla with his wife and children. He enjoys cheering on the Mets and Giants, however, his favorite teams to cheer on are any that his kids are playing for!