Elyse Diamond

  • Director, Public Service Careers, PILC/CCPD
  • Environmental Law Programs Career Specialist

Elyse is the Director of the Public Interest Law Center (PILC) and an Adjunct Professor of Law.  She also serves as a member of the Environmental Law Program staff as the law school’s Environmental Law Program Career Specialist and an Adjunct Professor of Law.  As PILC’s Director, Elyse manages public service programming and counseling, the PILSO/PILC Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program, and the Pro Bono Justice Program.  Elyse joined Pace Law as an Adjunct Professor of Law in 2001 and her teaching has focused on skills and writing-oriented courses.  She currently teaches an Access to Justice Writing Seminar that she designed, as well as the required intensive Legal Skills I and II courses, and past courses have included Topics in Legal Theory:  Second Circuit, Pre-Trial Civil Litigation Simulation, Advanced Appellate Advocacy, and Criminal Law and Legal Writing and Analysis.

In PILC, Elyse focuses on setting the career and professional development strategy for and advising students and alumni who are interested in public sector careers, to best assist them in identifying and obtaining internships and post-graduate positions, and building successful careers, in legal not-for-profit public interest advocacy and policy organizations, in federal, state and local government, and in prosecuting and defender offices.  Elyse also serves as the federal and state judicial clerkship advisor, including serving as the OSCAR administrator, and collaborates closely with all faculty and staff in Pace Law’s criminal justice, environmental law, and public interest programs.

Elyse has created and updated numerous specialized career guides, regularly conducts a wide array of public service professional development programs, and writes and presents about public service and career and professional development issues and serves on several local and national committees and workgroups for NALP and other law school public service and professional development organizations and groups.  Elyse received her JD, cum laude, from Fordham Law School, where she was a member of the Fordham Law Review. Prior to joining Pace, Elyse spent three years as a full-time Legal Practice Skills faculty member at Suffolk Law School in Boston, Massachusetts. Elyse started her legal career as a litigation associate at large law firms in New York and Boston.