David S. Cohen

  • Dean Emeritus


BSc, McGill University
LLB, University of Toronto
LLM, Yale Law School

Professor David S. Cohen served as the dean of Pace Law School from 1999–2004. Dean Cohen came to Pace after having served for five years as dean of the University of Victoria (Canada) Faculty of Law. After clerking at the Supreme Court of Canada for Mr. Justice Estey, Dean Cohen began his career in legal education in 1980 when he joined the faculty at the University of British Columbia. He has also been a Visiting Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, the University of Toronto and the University of Florida. He has taught in the areas of law and regulatory policy, commercial law and planning, contract law and law and economics.

He has written extensively in a range of areas including contract theory, governmental liability, product safety regulation, dispute resolution and environmental policy and regulation. In Canada he was active in a range of public interest activities including work with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and the Legal Services Society of British Columbia. He was president of the Consumers’ Association of Canada and a member of the federal Environmental Choice Advisory Board. He was a member of the Environmental Standards Committee of the Canadian Standards Association and a member of the Board of the West Coast Environmental Law Association.



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