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Material and Presentations

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8:00AM - 9:40AM

Session 1
Material: For Attorneys: Test Your Knowledge of Land Use Ethics

Session 2
Material: For Planners: Planning Ethics in a Changing Environment
PowerPoint Presentation

Session 3
Material: For Board Members: Everything a Board Member Needs to Know


9:45AM - 10:45AM

Plenary Session - Victor Dover, FAICP, LEED AP, CNU-Accredited
Sustainable Place Making

Watch Mr. Dover's Presentation

View Mr. Dover's PowerPoint Presentation

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11:00AM- 12:15PM

Session 1
Material: TOD Line: Mobilizing a Regional Network to Promote Transit Oriented Development

Session 2
Material: Don't Pave Paradise: Preserving the Rural Landscape
PowerPoint Presentations: Haight, McKee, Moorhead and Rodenhausen
Session 3
Material: MateriMMaMaterial Rethinking Suburban Spaces
Supplementary Articles:
          First, We Need A Plan
          Rethinking Corridors
PowerPoint Presentations: Dixon and Walker


12:15PM- 2:00PM

Keynote Address - Dr, Arthur C. Nelson, FAICP
America's Mass Market for Low Density Homes Is Over

Watch Dr. Nelson's Presentation
View Dr. Nelson's PowerPoint Presentation


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2:00PM- 3:15PM

Session 1
Material: Zoning for Energy
PowerPoint Presentations: Ley and Polidoro

Session 2
Material: Problem Properties: Land Banks and Land Banking
PowerPoint Presentations: Babilon, Lind and Vatter

Session 3
Material: Our Role and Responsibility for Fair and Affordable Housing
Supplementary Articles:
          Westchester County Fair and Affordable Housing Implementation Plan (through Sept. 30, 2012)
          Discretionary Funding Allocation Policy (January 10, 2012)
          Study of Subdivision Requirements as aRegulatory Barrier
          Affordable Housing in Transit-Oriented Development
          Westchester County Fair and Affordable Housing Implementation Plan (August 9, 2010)     

3:30PM- 4:45PM

Session 1
Material: Financing Mixed-Use Development: Accommodating the New Market
Session 2
Material: Zoning and Planning for a Sustainable Region: Certifying Sustainable Communities
Supplementary Articles:
          Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act of 2010
          Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act Impact Statement

Session 3
Material: Update on the Latest, Greatest Land Use Cases and Statutes
Supplementary Articles:
PowerPoint Presentations: Cappello and Malcomb