Public Interest Job Fairs

As a law student you should be aware that many schools and various organizations hold annual job and career fairs. These fairs are golden opportunities whether you are a new law student or about to graduate. In the past, many Pace students have obtained summer and permanent employment as a direct result of these job fairs. If you are interested in public service (e.g. governmental agencies, district attorney’s offices) or public interest (e.g. legal aid and legal services), then make plans to attend the following career fairs of which all Pace students and graduates can take advantage.


Annual NY Metro Area Public Interest Career Reception at Fordham Law School


Each fall, Fordham Law School in NYC hosts the Annual Metro Area Public Interest Career Reception with over 100 NY area public interest employers.  This is a great opportunity to learn about public service internships and career paths!  Join students from 21 participating law schools in the tri-state area and Pennsylvania.  Last year over 30 Pace Law students attended and the feedback from attendees was very positive! Over 100 government agencies and public sector legal organizations are expected to attend and are there solely to meet you and speak to you about the work that they do!

Equal Justice Works Career Fair and Conference

The EJW annual Conference and Career Fair is the largest public interest career fair in the country. It provides access to internship and job opportunities for law students, connects employers with talented attorneys and law students, and offers skill-building and sessions with experts.  The 2018 Conference was held at Crystal Gateway Marriott hotel in Arlington, VA. This is an especially great opportunity to apply for positions and network with public defenders and civil rights/advocacy organizations nationwide!


For 2L’s:  This is an great source for public interest and government summer internships, especially in DC and nationally.

3L’s, LLM’s, and Recent Grads:  There will be employers with post-grad openings nationally in attendance.

Annual New York-Area Public Interest Legal Career Fair (hosted at NYU Law)

February 7 & 8, 2019 hosted by New York University School of Law

The Career Fair provides students from all area law schools with the opportunity to meet with representatives of public interest/service organizations both for formal interviewing and at informational tables.  A variety of government, small firms and legal organizations conduct formal interviews. The informational tables are a great way to network and obtain information about the various employers.

Registration for NYU's 42nd Annual Public Interest Legal Career Fair will open at 9:00AM on November 1, 2018.  Once you have registered and been approved, you will be able to upload your applications for up to 50 organizations.  **PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR RESUME/COVER LETTER REVIEWED BY THE CCPD OFFICE PRIOR TO UPLOADING!**  You must register by Friday, December 1st to be eligible to apply for interviews at the Fair.  If you do not register by December 1, you will only be able to speak with employers informally at "table talks."  Please see below Important Dates and helpful tips to make your experience a success!


November 1, 2018:  REGISTRATION OPENS!

December 1, 2018: LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR INTERVIEWS AT THE FAIR!  Students who fail to register by the deadline will not be able to sign up for interviews at the Fair. However, students may participate in Table Talk if late registration is completed by 3:00PM on Wednesday, February 6.

December 17, 2018:  DEADLINE (10:00AM) to submit materials for the CCPD/PILC to review before winter break.

January 3, 2019: FINAL DEADLINE (10:00AM) to submit materials for the CCPD/PILC to review. (Note: Materials submitted after 12:01PM on December 21st through January 1st will be reviewed and returned when the office re-opens from the holiday week break.)

January 10, 2010:  FINAL DEADLINE for uploading application materials (11:59PM) but DO NOT WAIT until the last minute!  You may upload your materials to a maximum of 50 employers at any time, but all uploading must be completed by the final deadline. 

February 1, 2019: If you are cancelling any interviews, all cancellations must be completed by 5:00PM.

February 6, 2019: LAST DAY for late registration to participate in Table Talk only.

February 7, 2019: NYU Public Interest Career Fair (Day 1)

February 8, 2019: NYU Public Interest Career Fair (Day 2)


Helpful Uploading Tips:

1. MAXIMIZE YOUR AVAILABILITY.  You can maximize your chances for getting interviews by providing the most possible time slots in your "My Availability" page.  After you upload your materials, the information you enter into the "My Availability" section will be automatically used to schedule your interview times with employers who select you.  If an employer who selected you for an interview is NOT available when you ARE available based on the information you entered, you will NOT be scheduled to interview.

2. PREFERENCES: Once you upload a resume to an employer, that employer will be listed in your "Preferences."  The employers in this list should be ranked by you in order of importance.  This ranking will only be used by the fair system to "break a tie" if you are selected by two employers to interview with, but can only attend one of the interviews due to a scheduling conflict.  Ranking is not visible to employers, nor does it have any impact on which interviews you have beyond breaking the tie.

Please look out for e-mails from the PILC for further details and feel free to e-mail us at: