August 2014 Alumni Highlight

Honorable Rory K. Brady '12Honorable Rory K. Brady (’12) has had a unique experience since graduating from Pace Law School in 2012.  On March 18, 2013, Rory was selected to serve as Justice for the Village of Goshen.  Goshen’s Village Court has jurisdiction over a broad range of matters, from vehicle and traffic, to civil and criminal offenses.  This made him the youngest judge in Orange County and one of the youngest in New York State.  Serving as Village Justice has kept Rory extremely busy, as the Court hears over 1,500 criminal matters and over 4,000 traffic matters per year.  While this is a part-time position, Rory notes that it has full time responsibilities.  Born and raised in Goshen, he wants to be a presence in Court and spends time each day reviewing cases ensuring he is prepared. 

In addition to this, Rory is also an associate and business manager with Brady Law Firm, the firm his father started in Goshen in 1978.  The practice, a litigation firm, focuses primarily on criminal, matrimonial, family court and personal injury.  Additionally, Rory handles real estate transactions, wills, unemployment law, and more.  Recently, in the Times Herald-Record, Rory was voted Readers’ Choice Top 5 attorney, and his firm finished in the top 5 for both Best Real Estate Law Firm and Best Overall Law Firm.  In addition to his profession endeavors, Rory is civically active.  He a member of the Board of Directors of the Orange County Citizens Foundation, the Goshen Chamber of Commerce and John S. Burke Catholic High School.

Rory attributes much of his recent success to his experience at Pace Law School.  During his time at Pace, he was a member of the Pace International Law Review and Vice President of the Federalist Society.  He actively participated in trial advocacy and moot court, fondly remembering the National Baseball Arbitration Moot Court Competition and the National Sports Law Negotiation Competition. Rory especially cherishes the tutelage  provided by his professors; among them Professor Linda Wayner, Professor Bennet Gershman, Professor Steven Epstein and especially, Professor Luis Chiesa.

Rory currently resides in Orange County with his wife, Elizabeth, and his two children Dylan and Reagan.  In his spare time, Rory enjoys spending time with his family, playing  competitive soccer, and participating in endurance races, including Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, and numerous road races.