Scholarships and Grants

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Pace Law offers a variety of financial aid on the basis of financial need and academic merit, leadership and work experience, and community service. Each year, a number of first-year students are awarded funds in the range of $5,000 to full-tuition. Although students are automatically considered for these awards based on their application for admission, some awards have additional application requirements. Please read each scholarship's description for details.

First-Year Scholarships and Awards

Merit Scholarship Awards
After an applicant is awarded admission to the Law School their file is automatically granted a scholarship review. There is no separate application required to be considered for these scholarship monies. Students are awarded scholarships in the range of $5,000 to full tuition per academic year on the basis of their promise for law study (determined primarily by LSAT/GRE score and undergraduate academic record) and potential contribution to the Elisabeth Haub School of Law. Awarded notices are mailed out 1 to 2 weeks after an offer of admission has been made by email. Scholarships are renewable as long as the recipient continues to demonstrate proficiency in his or her studies.
The current Scholarship Renewal Policy states that a student must achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for the merit scholarship award to be renewed in full for the following academic year. A student with a cumulative GPA between 2.80 and 2.99 will receive 50% of the original merit scholarship award. Students with a cumulative GPA below 2.80 will not receive any portion of their merit scholarship award for the following academic year. Statistics regarding Conditional Scholarship and Retention Information are available in our ABA Standard 509 Information Report. Scholarship renewal after the first year is based on 1L grades. Summer credits are not considered for scholarship renewal. If a student’s GPA falls below the renewal requirement at the end of the first year, while we cannot guarantee that the award will be restored to the original level in subsequent years, a student may apply for scholarship funding as the cumulative GPA increases annually. Please note that Haub Law follows a mandatory first-year curve policy which can be found on the law school website under Academics/Academic Policies.

Haub Scholars Program
The Haub Scholars Program is a scholarship and mentorship program for students pursuing careers in environmental law, broadly defined. Made possible by a gift from the family of Elisabeth Haub, this is a highly selective program for students with outstanding entrance credentials and a well-articulated passion for pursuing a career in environmental law. Interested applicants should submit a 1-2 page statement of interest in the Haub Scholars Program as part of their application to the law school. The Haub Scholarship is renewable each academic year that a Scholar remains in good standing at the Pace University-Elisabeth Haub School of Law.

Trustee Tuition Grant
Funded by the Law School, this need-based grant program typically awards students $10,000 per academic year. The award may apply only towards tuition and may be granted only to students enrolled in six hours or more during the fall or spring semester. Candidates must file a FAFSA form to determine eligibility. Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis after review of FAFSA need eligibility. The Trustee Tuition Grant is renewable each year for on-time applicants who are in good academic standing and show no substantial increase in their financial strength.

Pace Law Opportunitas Award
Funded by the Law School, this award program typically awards students a range from $7,500 to $20,000 per academic year. In assessing applications for receipt of this award, the Admissions Committee takes into account academic promise and all factors that demonstrate the student's potential to contribute meaningfully to the law school community and legal profession. The Law Opportunitas Award is renewable each academic year that a student remains in good standing at the Pace University-Elisabeth Haub School of Law.

Admitted students are selected for these awards based on their application and notified of awards at the time of admission.

Endowment Awards

Daniel Austin Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship, established by the Westchester Fairfield Corporate Counsel Association, provides an award for students who have demonstrated an interest and commitment to corporate law, have taken or plan to take the Problems of Corporate Counsel Seminar and demonstrate financial need.

The Honorable James R. Caruso Pace Law School Scholarship
This scholarship grants $5,000 to a second-year day or third-year evening student of Italian heritage. The award is based on first-year scholastic performance and financial need. It is maintained for the last two years of study.

The Judge Richard J. Daronco Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was established by the late judge's family and the Westchester legal and business community. It provides a partial scholarship, based on need and performance, to a student enrolled in the John Jay Legal Services Criminal Prosecution Clinic.

The Josephine and Anthony DiFiore Memorial Scholarship
This $4,000 scholarship was established by Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore and her husband Dennis Glazer in memory of the D.A.’s parents. It is awarded to an upper classman who demonstrates academic excellence, financial need, and preference is given to someone of Italian American heritage.

The Eugene and Emily Grant Environmental Litigation Clinic Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in the Environmental Litigation Clinic during the summer. It is based upon academic merit, demonstrated commitment to environmental law and financial need.

The Julian H. Hyman Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship provides at least one annual award to an outstanding second-year day student or third-year evening student who is committed to further study in trusts and estates, plans to practice in Westchester County and exhibits financial need.

The Dean Janet A. Johnson Scholarship
This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a continuing female student who has one or more minor children at home and has demonstrated academic excellence.

The Robert C. and Janet Lee Marville Scholarship for Outstanding Moral and Civic Commitment
This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to one student each year based on a high moral and civic commitment, academic promise and a clear financial need.

The Lois Murphy Memorial Scholarship
This $1,000 scholarship is awarded for scholastic achievement and dedication to the Pace Environmental Law Review.

The June and Richard Ottinger Retention Scholarship Fund
These partial-tuition scholarships are awarded to second- and third-year students, taking into consideration the student's financial circumstances, hardships encountered in pursuing a legal education and academic merit.

The Winifred Sobie Pasternack Memorial Award in Civil Rights
This $1,000 scholarship is awarded based on good academic standing and contribution to civil liberties by way of substantial work on a case, or significant research and writing in the field of civil liberties.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers PC Scholarship
This scholarship is given to a current student in good academic standing who is, or is the child of, a union member in good standing. 

The Westchester Women's Bar Association Foundation Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a student who has overcome personal adversity in his or her pursuit of a legal career. Preference is given to an evening student who has a history of community service and/or legal clinic involvement before or during law school. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

The Westchester County Bar Association Foundation Justice Sondra Miller Scholarship
This $3,000 award is given to a second year day or third year evening student based upon outstanding academic excellence, demonstrated leadership and commitment to public service.  The student must be a member of the Westchester County Bar Association.

Veterans' Benefits G.I. Bill

Veterans who have served active duty in the armed forces for more than 180 days are eligible to receive monthly payments through the Veterans Administration. The amount of payment varies depending on enrollment status.

Please contact the Veteran Affairs Office at for more information.

First-Year Endowment Funds

The following endowment funds provide additional opportunities for scholarship awards to first-year JD candidates. Admitted students are awarded endowed scholarships based on review of a review of their application and financial need as demonstrated through FAFSA. 

  • The Bettina B. Brown-Radburn ’89 Memorial Scholarship
  • The Columbian Lawyers of Westchester County Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Samuel Miller Scholarship
  • Pauline F. and William V. Garvey Memorial Scholarship
  • The Goldstein Family Scholarship
  • The Pace Law New York Partnership Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The DelBello, Donnellan, Weingarten, Tartaglia, Wise & Wiederkehr Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Andrew I. Rosenblum ’81 Memorial Scholarship
  • The Peter John Sacripanti Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Ruderman Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Adam Giardina Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Alfonse Sedotto Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Professor Jay Carlisle Scholarship Fund
  • The Lawrence and Louise Ottinger Public Interest Scholarship Fund
  • The Yankwitt LLP Immediate Impact Scholarship Fund
  • Judge Victor & Maria Cascio-Alfieri Class of '79 Fund

Outside Scholarships

ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship
The mission of the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund is to encourage racial and ethnic minority students to attend law school and to provide financial assistance to these students. The fund will award $5,000 to each recipient and the Law School will match the funds. Applications are available and must be filed by March 1.

BARBRI Law Preview "One Lawyer Can Change the World" Scholarship
Do you think one lawyer can change the world?  BARBRI Law Preview does.  They will be awarding one hard-working incoming law student $10,000 towards their 1L year.  The application deadline is April 15th and you can review scholarship details on this BARBRI page.

CLEO Pre-Law Scholarship
The Council on Legal Education Opportunity, Inc. (CLEO) offers the CLEO EDGE Pre-Law Scholarship.

THE Hudson County Bar Foundation Scholarship
The Hudson County Bar Foundation Scholarship Fund is one of the oldest providers of financial assistance to Hudson County law students.  Esteemed members and families of the Hudson County legal community have funded these 48 scholarships. Students must be bona fide residents of Hudson County, NJ; must demonstrate financial need; must provide two (2) current Letters of Recommendation and must account for appropriate academic standards. Interested applicants can write to the Hudson County Bar Foundation Scholarship Committee, 583 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306 or call (201) 798-4708, send an e-mail to, or go to our web site for an application. Deadline is April. 

The Marshall-Motley Scholars Program 
Named in honor of the legendary civil rights attorney and LDF founder Thurgood Marshall, and iconic civil rights litigator Constance Baker Motley, the Marshall-Motley Scholars Program (MMSP) is a groundbreaking commitment to endow the South with the next generation of civil rights lawyers trained to provide legal advocacy of unparalleled excellence.  Scholars who demonstrate a commitment to this mission will be afforded:
A full law school scholarship for tuition, room and board, and incidentals to alleviate the debt burden that can prevent future lawyers from pursuing a career as a civil rights lawyer; Summer internships with national and regional civil rights organizations with offices in the South focused on racial justice to jumpstart training in civil rights law; Two-year postgraduate fellowship at civil rights law organizations in the South fighting to achieve racial justice; and Access to special trainings sponsored by LDF and the National Academy of Sciences.