Tuition Policies

A.    Tuition: Every effort is made by the University to minimize increases in tuition and fees; however, the University must reserve the right to change or add to its tuition and fees at its discretion. Incoming students should be aware, however, that tuition will probably rise during their course of study.

Tuition for summer school, however, is paid on a per credit basis. All students enrolling in the full-time program will be required to pay 6 full semesters of tuition and part-time students will pay the equivalent to the 6 full-time semesters over an 8 semester period. Tuition for summer school, however, is paid on a per credit basis.

B.    Failure to Pay Tuition: University policy requires that the semester's tuition be paid on or before the first day of classes. Payment can be made by credit card, personal check, scholarship awards and federal or private loans or a combination of any of these forms of payment. Students who have not made the minimum payment by the first day of classes will be assessed a late fee. Every effort will be made to assist students in meeting their tuition obligation to the Law School.


Full payment of tuition and fees is due on the first day of each new semester. If by the fourth week of school you have not completed making payment (other than students enrolled in the University Tuition Payment Plan), your registration will be voided. You must stop attending classes and you will not receive academic credit.

We will allow you to be reinstated only if you make full payment within one week of the void.


  1. Tuition and special course fees are cancelled fully when a student drops all courses before the start of the second week of classes. For first year students, orientation is considered your first week of classes. A week is defined as 7 calendar days.
  2. Tuition and special course fees are cancelled fully when a student is dismissed from the University prior to the end of a semester.
  3. Tuition and special course fees may be subject to a prorated cancellation when a student officially withdraws from all courses due to a medical condition by filing a written notice to the Registrar’s Office and then filing for a medical withdrawal with Pace University. If written notification is sent via postal mail, the official postmarked date will be the effective date of the withdrawal.

Please note: Application, technology, general institution, university health care, student activity and non-course fees are not refundable under any circumstance.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from courses for which the student has registered. Failure to officially withdraw will result in tuition liability. Non-attendance of classes, informing the instructor of withdrawal, or stopping payment on a check does not constitute official withdrawal and does not relieve the student of his or her financial obligation, nor entitle the student to a refund. A student who registers for class and does not attend class remains fully responsible for all financial obligations. Federal financial aid recipients who cease attending classes for a semester, but do not officially withdraw, will be deemed to have unofficially withdrawn and will have a portion, or all, of their federal aid cancelled, after the close of the term when their failure to complete their courses is recorded.

Students registered for a monthly payment plan are responsible for completing all payments if a balance exists after cancellation of tuition. Application, technology, general institution, university health care, student activity, and non-course fees are not refundable.

Calendar weeks will be used in determining elapsed weeks from the opening day of the semester. For first year students, the first day of Orientation Week instruction is the opening date of the semester. The effective date of withdrawal for computing any cancellation due to the student, is the day when the written application is granted by the Dean of Students. Application, reactivation and installment fees, deposits, and the other miscellaneous fees listed on this page are not refundable.

Students who have elected to pay on the installment plan are responsible for completing all payments if a balance exists after tuition cancellation.

Military Service: Any student required to discontinue attending classes because of induction into a United States military service may be given a complete refund of all tuition and fees, except the application and general institutional fees, if orders to report for active duty are received within the first two weeks of class. Thereafter, students may choose either a pro-rated refund or an application of full credit of tuition and fees, excluding the application and general institutional fees, to a possible future enrollment.

Serious Illness: If a student withdraws from all his/her classes during the first half of the semester due to serious illness, a pro-rated cancellation of tuition and special course fees will be permitted. The policy applies to the student's personal illness only, and must be documented with an original copy of a physician's diagnosis and recommendation and, if working, disability papers. Any resulting credit balance may be refunded to the student. If the withdrawal takes place during their first two weeks of the semester, a one hundred percent tuition cancellation will be allowed, provided the resulting credit remains on account to be used within a one year period. If withdrawal takes place after two weeks, a pro-rated cancellation will be permitted but any resulting credit must be held on account to be used within a one-year period.

Business Transfer: A student who is forced to discontinue attendance because of a permanent business transfer out of the New York City metropolitan area will receive a pro-rated refund of the semester's tuition if the transfer takes place at any time during the first eight weeks of class. Written substantiation of the transfer from the employer must be presented at the time of withdrawal.

Student Refunds

Students may be eligible to receive a refund when payments posted to their respective student account exceeds the cost of tuition, fees, dorm, meal charges, and any other allowable ancillary charges. Payments may include disbursed financial aid (including scholarships and loans), check payments, and other payments resulting in a credit balance. The refunding process starts approximately ten business days after the opening date of the semester. Refunds are generated once per week. Students may review the status of their accounts through the MyPace portal, Account Summary.

Refunds from accounts paid by cash, check, money order, or financial aid awards/loans are sent from Pace University to Bank Mobile, for distribution to the student, in accordance with the student’s selected refund preference. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:

If a credit card has been used to pay all or part of a semester’s charges, any credit resulting from any source will be refunded first to the credit card, up to the amount charged on the card, but not in excess of the original charged amount. If a credit balance still exists after refunding to the credit card, that credit will be refunded to the student in accordance with the Bank Mobile information above.

Note: If a student withdraws from a course, or all courses, the level of financial aid eligibility may be recalculated, based on the date of withdrawal and the amount of the tuition credit cancellation, if any. When a recipient of federal funds withdraws or stops attending classes during the first sixty percent of a semester, a recalculation in compliance with the federal Return to Title IV Funds regulation will be done: any unearned aid will be returned appropriately to the source, e.g., U. S. Department of Education or federal loan lender. If, after review, a student is deemed ineligible for any or all financial aid, any balance due to Pace University becomes the responsibility of the student. This policy is subject to change without prior notification. All questions should be directed to the Office of Student Assistant/Financial Aid.