Pledge to Reduce Academic Marketing Waste

Hudson River in Autumn

The following law schools and law professors have signed the Pledge to Reduce Academic Marketing Waste, which seeks to address the routine and indiscriminate use of paper-based flyers, newsletters, offprints and postcards by law professors and law schools. 

Law Schools and professors interested in joining the pledge should email Professor S.I. Strong at to indicate their support and be added to the pledge's signatories. 

Pledge to Reduce Academic Marketing Waste

We, the undersigned, hereby pledge to reduce academic marketing waste, individually and institutionally, by limiting or eliminating the production and transmission of paper-based marketing materials and/or by encouraging the relevant decision makers at our institutions to adopt actions and polices consistent with that goal.  Reducing academic marketing waste can take a variety of forms, including but not limited to:  (1) reducing the size of paper-based marketing materials (eg, replacing newsletters with postcards); (2) reducing the frequency of paper-based marketing initiatives; (3) adopting an opt-in rather than opt-out approach to paper-based mailing initiatives; (4) replacing some or all paper-based marketing with electronic or other forms of marketing. 

Law Schools

Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University  University of Missouri School of Law 
Mercer University School of Law University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
Washburn University School of Law

Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterrey (Mexico)

University of Southern California Gould School of Law Roger Williams University School of Law
University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law  


Law Professors 

Professor Jamie Abrams, University of Louisville Professor Robert M. Ackerman, Wayne State University
Professor Charles Calleros, Arizona State University Professor John T. Cross, University of Louisville
Professor Constance de la Vega, University of San Francisco Professor Danielle Pelfry Duryea, Boston University
Professor Sarah Gerwig-Moore, Mercer University Associate Professor Brook E. Gotberg, University of MIssouri
Associate Professor Wendy Hess, University of South Dakota  Professor Virginia Harper Ho, University of Kansas
Professor Becky Jacobs, University of Tennessee Professor Billie Jo Kaufman, Mercer University 
Professor Linda A. Malone, William and Mary Law School Professor Makane Moïse Mbengue, University of Geneva
Associate Professor Mohsen Manesh, University of Oregon  Professor I. Isbell Medina, Loyola University New Orleans
Professor Loukas Mistelis,  Queen Mary, University of London Professor Fernanda Nicola, American University
Dr. Kyriaki Noussia, University of Exeter Professor David B. Oppenheimer, University of California, Berkeley
Professor Jennifer Reynolds, University of Oregon  Professor Joel H. Samuels,  University of South Carolina
Professor Thomas E. Simmons,  University of South Dakota Professor John-Mark Stensvaag, University of Iowa
Professor S.I. Strong, University of Missouri Professor Rhonda Wasserman, University of Pittsburgh
Professor Maureen Weston, Pepperdine University Professor Karen Cross, UIC John Marshall Law School
Professor Srividhya Ragavan, Texas A&M School of Law Associate Professor Jennifer Rosa,  Michigan State University
Assistant Professor Susan Navarro Smelcer, Georgia State University Professor Jean S. Sternlight, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Professor J.H. Verkerke,  University of Virginia Professor Susan M. Chesler, Arizona State University
Professor Jonathan Rosenbloom, Vermont Law School  Professor Luke Nottage, University of Sydney 

Professor Fernando Villarreal Gonda, Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterrey

Professor Andrea J. Boyack, Washburn University
Professor Erin Buzuvis, Western New England University Associate Professor Myanna Dellinger, University of South Dakota
Professor  Julia L. Ernst, University of North Dakota Professor Erik J. Girvan, University of Oregon
Professor Jill I. Gross, Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University  Professor Kimberly Y.W. Holst, Arizona State University
Professor Joan MacLeod Heminway, University of Tennessee Professor Katrina F. Kuh, Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University 
Professor Lance N. Long, Stetson University

Professor Steven Baicker McKee, Duquesne University

Professor Jason Anthony Robison, University of Wyoming

Professor Florence Wagman Roisman, Indiana University, Indianapolis
Professor Amy Sinden, Temple University

Professor Mark Squillace, University of Colorado

Professor Rodney Uphoff, University of Missouri

Dr. G.V. Narasimha Rao, Nirma University (India)

Professor Teri Dobbins Baxter, University of Tennessee 

Associate Professor Emily Berman, University of Houston 

Professor Gerry W. Beyer, Texas Tech University

Professor Tanya Kowalski, Washburn University

Professor Rebecca Morgan, Stetson University

Professor Robert T. Sherman, Texas Tech University

Associate Professor Karen C. Sokol, Loyola University New Orleans

Professor Manuel Gomez, Florida International University
Professor Emerita Madeline June Kass, Thomas Jefferson School of Law Associate Professor Elizabeth Keyes, University of Baltimore
Professor Anne Lawton, Michigan State University Professor Tracy Hresko Pearl, Texas Tech University
Professor Andrew S. Pollis, Case Western Reserve University Professor Mitra Sharafi, University of Wisconsin
Professor C. Steven Bradford, University of Nebraska Professor Jennifer S. Hendricks, University of Colorado
Professor Linda Nussbaum, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Professor Sean Megan Scott, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

Professor Leigh Osofsky, University of North Carolina

Professor Marjorie A. Silver, Touro Law Center

Adjunct Professor Eduardo Zuleta, Georgetown Law Center

Professor Kathy Hessler, Lewis & Clark Law School
Professor Jill C. Engle. Penn State University Professor Nancy B. Rapoport, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Professor Maxine Burkett, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars