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Real Clients, Real Cases

Solving real-world legal problems constitutes an essential step in learning to exercise the professional judgment required to become a lawyer. Through the clinical programs at Pace Law School, you will have the opportunity to represent clients on actual cases and gain practical experience in dealing with diverse and complex legal situations.

Working as an attorney, you will take front-line responsibility and make all decisions under the guidance and supervision of the clinical faculty. The hands-on experience acquired in the clinics enhances and brings to life the doctrine you learn in other courses. All clinics include both casework and required seminars.

Clinics Offered

Pace Law School clinics give you the chance to handle actual cases through Pace’s John Jay Legal Services or Environmental Litigation Clinic. John Jay Legal Services, directed by Professor Margaret M. Flint, serves as an umbrella for client-representation clinical programs in criminal defense, disability rights and health law, immigration, and investor rights. As a John Jay Legal Services student intern, you will represent clients who otherwise could not obtain legal assistance, in both litigation and transactional matters.

A Student Practice Order allows student interns under a faculty member’s supervision to handle all stages of litigation, from initial client interviews, case assessment and counseling, and plea drafts, through discovery, fact investigation, and settlement negotiations, to hearings and trials. In transactional matters, students engage in client interviews and counseling, prepare draft and final documents, and supervise the execution of legal instruments.

Admission to clinics and externships is by permission of the instructor, after application and interview.