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Pace Women's Justice Center

Founded in 1991, the Pace Women’s Justice Center is a highly respected, multi-faceted legal services center that serves over 2,800 victims and survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse every year through the skillful and innovative use of the law. The Center makes legal information and resources readily available to the general public.

Our Vision
The Pace Women’s Justice Center envisions a community working together to create a just, safe and supportive environment for victims and survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse. We lead a coordinated effort to raise awareness, disseminate information, provide direct legal services and develop strategies with community partners for recognizing and eradicating abuse. By achieving this goal, victims and survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse can move forward in their lives with dignity, confidence and renewed strength.


For free short-term legal assistance and guidance call our Helpline at 914-287-0739


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Most Recent Articles:

Orders of Protection: New Amendments to the Family Court Act and Domestic Relations Law Overturning the “Relatively Contemporaneous” Rule and Giving Courts Authority to Extend Protective Orders Upon Good Cause or Consent
November 2010
Domestic Law Review, Family Law Section of the Westchester County Bar Association
Karen Johansen, Esq.

What’s An Intimate Relationship, Anyway? Expanding Access to the New York State Family Courts for Civil Orders of Protection
April 1, 2009
Pace Law Review
Jennifer Cranstoun, Esq., Tracey Alter, Esq., and Christopher O’Connor