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ABA Required Disclosures - Consumer Information

In accordance with the American Bar Association Standard 509 which requires website publication of consumer information, we are pleased to provide links to the sections of our website where Standard 509-compliant information can be found.


ABA Standard 509 Information Report (2016)



Admissions Data

How to Apply

Enrollment Data / Class Sizes


Tuition and Fees, and Living Costs

Cost of Attendance

Tuition Cancellation Policy


Financial Aid

Conditional Scholarship and Retention Information

Financial Aid Refund and Repayment Policy

Financial Aid Services

Financial Aid Application


Transfer Credits and Attrition

Transfer Student Application Process



Full-Time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Departmental Directory


Bar Passage Results

Bar Passage Results


Employment Outcomes

Employment Outcomes


Juris Doctor Program Requirements

JD Program

Degree Requirements

Registration Process, Course Offerings and Academic Calander




Campus and Facilities


Student Complaints

Student Complaint Process