Stephanie Giralt '23

2L Stephanie Giralt spent this past summer gaining experience as a Public Policy & Law Intern at Verizon. Over the summer, Stephanie gained experience in a variety of areas and strengthened her practical legal skills while improving her networking abilities. She notes, “A typical day for me began with a morning meeting with my supervisor and the other legal interns followed by a mix of meetings led by legal executives at Verizon. I typically worked on two to three projects at a time in areas such as M&A, Antitrust, Privacy and IP Law. Each project was very different, which was challenging, but extremely rewarding.” 

Stephanie notes that her experience at Haub Law has been great so far. She is a Junior Associate on Pace Law Review and Secretary of LALSA. “I have made amazing friends and have enjoyed so many of my classes. I feel lucky to be a member of the Pace community. All of the professors that I have had have been very supportive and helpful. Specifically, Professor Tenzer has positively influenced my time at Pace. She was my contracts professor and from there we fostered a relationship, which continued as I became one of her research assistants. Professor Tenzer has continually helped me and provided guidance regarding my life as a law student and for my future legal career.”  

After graduation, Stephanie hopes to practice in the area of corporate transactions, specifically M&A. “Through the variety of courses I have taken at Haub Law, and my practical experiences, I have been able to narrow down the areas of law I would like to pursue.”