Pace Law Alumni Association

The purpose of the law school’s Alumni Association is to promote the quality, values, and standards of excellence which are the hallmarks of a Pace Law education, to encourage and support alumni in their professional development, to motivate alumni to provide financial support for the missions of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University as well as the University, to present a positive public image of Pace, and to assist the law school in its recruitment and placement efforts.  The Board of Directors represent leaders in the alumni community who donate their time and expertise to these purposes while also providing guidance to the law school, its current students and alumni.

Currently, the Alumni Board is made up of twenty-four Directors, plus two Directors Emeriti.  The graduation years represented on the Board span from 1979 to 2017.  The Board is led by its President, Mark Meeker, a December 2009 graduate.  Mark has served on the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors since 2013, and he began serving as the Board’s President in the fall of 2017.

Since Mark took leadership, the Board has initiated a number of operational changes.  All Pace Law graduates are automatically members of the Alumni Association, and the Board serves as the Association’s governing body, so it was one of the Board’s goals to make the Board more visible and accessible.  As such, Board meetings are now publicized in advance via social media because, as stated in the Alumni Association by-laws, meetings “shall be open to all members of the Association, the faculty, the staff, the students and interested friends.”  Mark notes that the Board plans to continue promoting these meetings and hopes alumni will attend as their schedules permit.  The first meeting of the 2018-19 academic year will be held on Wednesday, September 12, in Preston Hall’s Faculty Lounge, with networking to begin at 6:00 p.m. and the meeting starting promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Additionally, as a part of an effort to make the Board more visible and accessible, meeting minutes are now available for all to see.  In the past, approval of a meeting’s minutes happened at the next regular Board meeting, provided a quorum was reached.  Now, shortly after each meeting, minutes are approved via email and then posted on the law school’s website.

Another goal has been to have a more active and involved Board, so all five of the standing committees provided for in the by-laws have been revived, and every Director now serves on at least one of those committees.  To further emphasize the importance of involvement, the Board has begun enforcing its attendance requirements and will continue to do so.

The Alumni Board maintains its connections to current students by attending and hosting student centered events throughout the year.  During finals time, the Board sets up a table in a common area on campus and provides donuts and coffee.  Mark notes, “It is important for the Board to connect with current students; they are our future alumni.  We want to make sure that students know who we are and that we are available for guidance, mentorship, networking, and more.” 

In addition to Board meetings, the Directors attend the numerous alumni events held throughout the year, including the law school reunion, the annual Leadership Awards Dinner, various regional events, and more.

As far as the 2018-19 school year, Mark indicated that “the Board’s most ambitious goal will be the creation of a Board operating budget, funded through regular Director contributions, and supporting a new Alumni Scholarship Fund.  We also intend to implement an annual planning process, with each Committee Chair plotting out proposed activities on a shared timeline.  I am really pleased with the direction of the Board and I look forward to continuing to serve as the Association President.  I welcome any suggestions that you may have regarding the Alumni Association.  The best way to reach me is via email at”

Current Directors:


Mark Meeker, Esq. ‘10
Alumni Association President
Assistant General Counsel
American Maritime Safety, Inc.


Board Members

Patricia Bisesto, Esq. '92
Attorney at Law
Private Practice

Michael A. Calandra Jr., Esq. '05
Committee Chair – By-Laws
Alston & Bird LLP

Adam Ciffone, Esq. '11
Regional Compliance Officer
Morgan Stanley Inc.

Jonathan Engel, Esq. '09
Sobo & Sobo LLP

Hon. Sandra A. Forster '79
Retired Judge
Greenburgh Town Justice

Michael A. Frankel, Esq. '03
Committee Chair – Nominations
Jackson Lewis P.C.

James A. Garvey III, Esq. '80
Attorney at Law
Private Practice

Michael G. Gilberg, Esq. '07
Attorney at Law
Private Practice

Lisa E. Gladwell, Esq. '10
Committee Chair – Judicial
Attorney Chairman
New Jersey Recovery Advocates

Michael T. Goldstein, MD, Esq. '06
Attorney at Law
Private Practice

Jennifer L. Gray, Esq. '06
Committee Chair – Social
Keane and Beane, P.C.

Mary Clare Haskins, Esq. '08
Sr. Legal Counsel
Anguilla Financial Services Commission

Adele Lerman Janow, Esq. '90
Attorney at Law
Private Practice

James M. Lenihan, Esq. '91
Lenihan & Associates

Hon. Carole Levy '83
Director Emerita
Retired Magistrate, Bronx Family Court

Caesar Lopez, Esq. '12
Legal Counsel
Major League Soccer

Joseph M. Martin, Esq. '91
Director Emeritus
Jackson Lewis P.C.

Lt. Col. Joseph W. Mazel, Esq. '97
Assistant General Counsel
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Office of the General Counsel

Joseph Moravec '17
Staff Attorney
Prisoners' Legal Services of New York

Raymond Perez, Esq. '00
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP

Christopher M. Psihoules, Esq. '12
Trial Attorney
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 

Joseph Ruhl, Esq. '90
Regional President – Westchester County
Orange Bank & Trust Company

Leanne Shofi '94
Special Counsel
Cuddy Feder, LLP

Judson K. Siebert, Esq. '85
Managing Member
Keane & Beane, P.C.

Andrew Teodorescu, Esq. '13
Associate Editor
Practical Law