Oral Advocacy

Christopher Zamlout, '18

Take a poll of attorneys across the nation and they will tell you in unison that one of a lawyer’s most prominent skills is their oral advocacy. Here at Pace Law, our Advocacy Program boasts numerous Mock Trial and Moot Court teams, ranging in subject matter covering all aspects of the legal profession. As a part of a student’s first year at Pace Law, they participate in the Louis V. Fasulo First Year Moot Court Competition where they showcase their oral advocacy skills. Once a student has exhibited raw talent, they are inducted into a prominent group of students who participate in oral advocacy competitions, facilitated by Pace Law.

After demonstrating his strong and commanding advocacy skills in the first year competition, Christopher was one such student who was given the opportunity to participate in one of the world’s most formidable competitions. The Willem C. Vis Moot Court Competition – started twenty-five years ago by Pace faculty members – exposes our students to the world of international commercial arbitration. Christopher and his fellow teammates spend a full academic year dissecting the issues presented in the fact patter, researching applicable international law, and perfecting their oral arguments. Towards the end of the semester, the team flies to Vienna, Austria to represent Pace Law in the competition.

Due to his tremendous success his second year, Christopher was invited back to the Pace Law team as a captain in his third and final year of school. Christopher has been able to hone his advocacy skills, while also exploring a unique field of law. Christopher explains that because of this experience he is able to set himself apart from his peers, substantively engage in international law and current events, and has developed necessary skills in order for him to advocate on behalf of future clients.