Philip Monteiro, '22

Tell me about something you've participated in during your time here that has defined your Pace experience.

The Military Law and Veterans' Society (MILVETS) has been a great experience here at Pace. I have had the pleasure of serving in two roles, first as Veterans' Outreach Coordinator and now as President. I chose to get involved with MILVETS because its mission resonates with me. Several members of my family have served in the military and I have had the honor of providing live Taps at the funerals of many veterans. MILVETS provides networking opportunities with attorneys who are either military lawyers or work with veterans, thus promoting career opportunities for students. 

What have you gotten out of that experience, and how do you expect that it will enable you to pursue your goals beyond Pace?

In MILVETS I have been able to connect with other members of the Pace community. Working to plan and execute club events has provided valuable experience outside the classroom. I have also connected with many knowledgeable and motivated people in the military and veterans' law field. I believe that these experiences will translate into life after law school, since the "real world" values people who can work effectively to produce results.

Is there anything else you'd like to add about your time at Pace?

I've found that anybody can take something and make it their own at Pace. There are ample opportunities for people to shine if they put their heart into it.