Environmental Litigation Clinic

Meghan Clemente, '19

Pace has various legal clinics available for students. While working under the supervision of faculty, students at the clinics can work on actual cases with real clients. Through the various areas of law, students can apply their skills in a meaningful way. Meghan was able to apply her skills at the Environmental Litigation Clinic.

Students at The Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic have the opportunity to participate in federal and state administrative proceedings. Meghan participated in The Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic in her spring 2018 semester. As she states, “The Environmental Law program…provided me with the practical experience necessary to pursue my goals beyond Pace.” While the Environmental Law program was the main reason to attend Pace, she also values the location. White Plains offers the ability to easily travel to New York City.

With her practical experience and Environmental Certificate, she is prepared to pursue a career in her passion. Not only does Pace provide a challenging academic experience, but it also enables students to apply their knowledge and skills to be competitive in the legal field.