Environmental Law

James Virga, '18

Driven by a desire to pursue a profession that beneficially impacts the environment, James is well on his way to obtaining the Environmental Certificate at Pace Law. During his undergraduate education at Northeastern University, James dual majored in environmental studies with a particular focus on law and public policy. After realizing his passion for environmentalism and sustainability, James decided that Pace’s renowned Environmental Program would be the next step in his education.

James has had a number of legal placements during his time at Pace Law. Notably, during his first year at school, James worked as an extern at the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission. He was able to obtain this position through Career Services and interactions with Pace Alumni who previously worked there. Throughout his time on campus, James has also worked at the Land Use Law Center. This unique experience allowed James to have early exposure to his interests and explore an area of law during his first year, while enrolled in the requisite first year classes. His on-campus work taught him the importance of land use laws in protecting the environment, which made him decide to ​also pursue Pace's concentration in Land Use and Real Estate. He has since interned at two Westchester law firms, conducting both land use and environmentally related work. 

As an Executive Board member of Pace’s Environmental Law Review, and a member of several environmental student organizations, James is a prime example of how the Environmental Law Program and the Land Use and Real Estate concentration at Pace Law can help further a student’s interests and ensure that they have substantial legal experience before entering the work force!