Prosecutorial Externship

LAW 710C
6 credit hours (5 clinical, 1 academic)
Professor Carol Barry

This course is appropriate for students who have already secured a non-paid legal position with a prosecutor’s office or other law enforcement agency. (ABA rules prohibit the granting of credit for fieldwork for which compensation is provided.)  In order to receive 6 credits for the course, you are required to work at your placement 35 hours per week for each of the 8 weeks of the summer session.  Please be aware, however, that your placement may require you to work additional hours each week and/or work for additional weeks during the summer.

Students in the summer session of the Prosecutorial Externship work in local prosecutor’s offices under the supervision of experienced Assistant District Attorneys.  Their responsibilities may include:  drafting accusatory instruments, interviewing witnesses, assisting in investigations, preparing cases for trial, research, writing motion responses and memoranda of law and observing hearings, trials and other proceedings. 

As with all JJLS Externships, a weekly two-hour seminar and a substantial piece of written work are also required.  The seminar focuses on legal, practical and ethical issues in criminal prosecutions and includes simulations and case presentations by students.