Programs and Offerings

Comparative Environmental Law Course
Pace's Comparative Environmental Law course gives students hands-on experience comparing the environmental regimes of the United States and Brazil. This two credit Spring Semester course taught by Professor David N. Cassuto offers a unique combination of classroom and field training.  The class studies the respective environmental regimes of the United States and Brazil and aims to build students' capacity to assess environmental laws and national policies concerning environmental quality.  Following classroom instruction at Pace, students travel to travel to Brazil over Spring Break to meet prominent Brazilian scholars and attorneys in Rio de Janiero and to visit the fragile, yet crucial, ecosystems of Brazil.

Faculty Scholarship in Brazil
Pace Law School 's faculty has a significant history of work in Brazil and is committed to Brazil's future. Faculty regularly speak at and attend Brazilian conferences, lecturing on both environmental and international law issues. Many Pace Law School faculty members and administrators have presented papers or lectured at Brazilian conferences.

The BAILE Breakfast Seminars will explore both sustainability related issues and contemporary U.S. / Brazilian bilateral relations.  The seminars offer a unique opportunity to network with other members of the legal, business and education communities while enjoying breakfast in the energetic atmosphere of a college campus setting. Speakers cover a range of leading-edge environmental law, policy and sustainability topics in a presentation/discussion format.

Both Pace Law School and FGV Direito Rio have extensive course offerings that cover a wide range of national and international environmental and land use topics. An ongoing objective of the Institute is the creation of innovative and timely course offerings for both Brazilian and U.S. students and professional practitioners. We are creating summer course programs and maintaining reference guidance for corporate offerings that focus on relevant sustainability issues.

We are currently developing a webinar series that will focus on developments in Brazilian law. These webinars will highlight the environmental issues surrounding the Brazil’s treatment of water resources, efforts to combat deforestation in the Amazon, as well as the environmental challenges related to the nation’s hosting of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.

Typically held during the month of July, this program is designed for legal practitioners from Brazil, the United States, and other nations to gather and learn about specific topics in environmental law.   The program taught by internationally recognized experts provides a comprehensive introduction to U.S., Brazilian and International environmental law right in New York City’s back yard.

Throughout the year, BAILE offers a variety of small group dialogues called Roundtables, which address important issues and allow participants to network and learn from one another on topics related to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

International Environmental Law, Policy and Corporate Environmental Social Responsibility – The Institute intends to develop and sponsor an annual competition for universities from Brazil and United States. The program will foster multidisciplinary participation and collaboration among law students from all over the world, including BAILE member universities throughout Brazil and the United States.

BAILE’s relationship with U.S. and Brazilian law schools and universities allows it to frequently involve students in research and exchange. Wherever possible, the Institute will extend these exchange opportunities in creative ways so that BAILE members may benefit without necessarily matriculating at the University. Sponsoring organizations and members of the BAILE Roundtables will have the opportunity to assist in developing the focus for the research, help draw conclusions from preliminary data and preview pre-published findings.

The Institute is committed to producing biannual symposia on issues related to the environment, development and regulation in Brazil and in the United States. Conference themes will relate to global issues of sustainability with a focus on a topic that presents unique challenges and opportunities for Brazilian/U.S. collaboration. These symposia will generate proceedings that will be published in the BAILE (Bilingual) Journal of Law and Environment to be published in both Brazil and the United States initially once a year along with the proceedings of the biannual symposia.