Primary Source Documents on Various Regions of the World

Primary Source Documents from Various Regions of the World


List of Resources from Various Environmental Courts and Tribunals


Alberta EPEA Part 4

Alberta Natural Resources Conservation Board Act 2000

Australia Administrative Appeals Tribunal repealed 1989-51

Austria Environmental Impact Assessment Act

Bangladesh Environmental Court Act 2000

Brazil Constitution Chapter VI Environment

British Columbia Environmental Management Act Part 8

British Columbia Forest and Range Practices Act

British Columbia Forest Practices Code

Colorado Court rules 2009_04


Guyana Enivironmental Protection Act 1996

India National Environment Tribunal Act 1995

India National Green Tribunal Act 2010

India The National Environment Appellate Authority Act, 1997

Jamaica Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act 1991

Jamaica NRCA Appeals Tribunal Rules 1997

Kenya Environmental Management and Coordination Act 1999

Kenya The National Environmental Tribunal Procedure Rules

Liberia EPA Act 2002

Malawi Environmental Management Act 1996

Mauritius Environment Protection Act 2002

Netherlands Environmental Management Act 2004

New South Wales Land and Environment Court Act 1979

New Zealand Resource Management Act 1991

Nigeria Environmental Protection Agency Act 1988

Northern Territory LPM Tribunal Act

Northwest Territories Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act

Nova Scotia Environment Act

Ontario Env Review Tribunal Rules of Practice

Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997

Pakistan Tribunal Rules PII

Philippines A.O. No.23-2008 Designation of Special Courts

Philippines Draft Rule of Procedure for Environmental Cases

Queensland Planning and Environment Court Rules 2010

Queensland Practice Direction 2 PEC 2008

Queensland Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999

Saskatchewan Surface Rights Acquisition and Compensation Act

South Africa National Environmental Management Act 1998

South Australia Env Res and Dev Court Act 1993

South Korea Environmental Dispute Adjustment Act

Sweden Environmental Code 1999

Tasmania Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal Act 1993

Trinidad and Tobago Environmental Management Act 2000

Vermont State Title 10 Chapter 201

Vermont Statute Title 4 ch 27 Environmental Court

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Rules 2008 SR No 65-2008