Ocean & Coastal Law Seminar (LAW 797F)

This course explores major legal issues related to protection of critical aquatic environmental systems, from deep oceans beyond areas of national jurisdiction to US coastal land and waters.  Students will become familiar with the laws and policies relating to water quality and habitat protection, fisheries and marine wildlife preservation, ocean energy and mineral resources, pollution of coastal and ocean waters, and management of the coastal zone.  They will study international conventions and agreements including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and such others as International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution From Ships (MARPOL), the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.  At the national level the Coastal Zone Management Act and common law doctrines provide focus for review of coastal issues.  This is an exam course, but a paper may be substituted fin lieu of the exam with the permission of the professor.  Recommended: Environmental Skills or Survey.

Open to lawyers, judges, interested professionals, and select students from around the world June 30 - July 3 & July 7-11, 2014. Registration for the summer edition of this course is now closed.

2 credit hours.

Regular Year Faculty: Ann Powers (Summer 2014 Instructor: Sean Dixon, 6:00-9:00 pm at the Fred French Building in Manhattan)