November 11, 2008: OMG, OCI, TGIO!

Sarah L. Caragiulo

November 11, 2008

(Oh my gosh, on campus interviewing, thank goodness it's over!)

I am convinced that Fall Semester goes by much faster than Spring Semester. There are only two full weeks left of classes, plus a few days before and after Thanksgiving break. Translation: it is time to become a hermit and devote my life to outlining and studying for finals. Last year I made the mistake of starting my outlining at the end of Thanksgiving break. Although it is physically possible to complete your outlines in such a short amount of time, I do not recommend it. I was not exactly a fun person to be around during that stressful time. I vowed never to do that again! So this year, my goal is to start during the first week in November. A lofty goal, but I think I can do it! 
On the job front, I am happy to report that I have accepted a summer position. OCI (on-campus interviewing) and the whole interviewing process was quite the experience. A weight has now been lifted. I think the most important lesson to take away from this process is, do not get down on yourself, do not completely throw in the towel. Not every firm or agency hires during September and October. Unless you are interested in a big firm job, the researching and interviewing process begins much later. Smaller firms and some government agencies and public interest positions do not know their needs until later in the year, sometimes even February or March. This is what makes OCI such a stressful process.  Step back, take a breath, and realize all is not lost.

I think one of the most exciting aspects of OCI is seeing your friends get offers. I have a great group of friends at school and we have been a pretty close group since day one of law school. This semester we have really had to lean on each other because it is easy to get down after a few rejections from various employers.  But it was always nice to have someone to re-hash the interview with and to help you pick apart what the various associates and partners said and how to interpret everything from an e-mail to a hand shake. Only someone who is going through the process will have the interest and the patience to carry on such a conversation.

It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks I will be halfway done with my law school career. I am excited to get out there and put to use what I have learned.  But I am also nervous because I enjoy being a student.  Although there is one thing that I am looking forward to more than anything else upon returning to the work force, getting my weekends back!  I know there will be plenty of weekends spent in the office under a pile of work, but I also know there will be plenty of Sunday afternoons spent enjoying the Food Network as opposed to contemplating the color of the walls in the library. I must admit, I love Bobby Flay and he is much more entertaining than staring at a painting on the wall in the library.



Sarah L. Caragiulo

2L Day (Class of 2010)

Criminal Law; Litigation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Undergraduate degree:
BA in Political Science and Philosophy & Religion from Colgate University 

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