Professor Leslie Tenzer Remarks on the Legal Consequences of “Stealthing” on Buzzfeed

May 1, 2017 Buzzfeed
Professor Leslie Tenzer reacts to a new study published in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law that discusses sexual assault and “stealthing” and how it violates a variety of civil and criminal laws.
Professor Leslie Tenzer
Professor Leslie Tenzer

“The law is often skeptical of survivors [of sexual assault]…” said Alexandra Brodsky of the National Women’s Law Center.

Leslie Tenzer, a professor at Pace Law School who specializes in torts, agreed, saying the law often “fail these victims,” as they have to prove a level of physical harm. Under Brodsky’s proposal, plaintiffs would be able to make a case “without the obstacle of proving the level of physical harm courts typically demand.”

However, Tenzer contends it would be tough to pass a law with the changes in state legislatures, “many of which, in today’s political climate, seem to be on the opposing side.”

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