Professor Darren Rosenblum's Op Ed Featured in The New York Times

January 3, 2017 Press Release
Professor Rosenblum discusses why he doesn't permit laptops in the classroom.
Professor Darren Rosenblum
Professor Darren Rosenblum

Professor Darren Rosenblum struck a nerve with his recent opinion piece, “Leave Your Laptops at the Door to My Classroom.” Published in “The New York Times,” Professor Rosenbum argues for eliminating computers from law school classrooms in order to improve legal education.

“Laptops at best reduce education to the clackety-clack of transcribing lectures on shiny screens and, at worst, provide students with a constant escape from whatever is hard, challenging or uncomfortable about learning,” Professor Rosenblum writes.

The op-ed quickly ranked among the most read pieces on the Times’ website that day and sparked a discussion on that morning’s “Today” show.

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