NEPA-SEQRA Seminar (LAW 797C)

This seminar will deal with federal and state environmental impact procedures required by NEPA , the New York State Environmental Quality Act (SEQRA) and little NEPAs from other states.  Impact assessment is essential to real estate development, government projects, and a wide range of law practices.  The subjects covered will include the legislative history and development of the case law, the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Regulations, the State Regulations, and the environmental assessment process and the work of attorneys, planners, and professionals of other disciplines in the process.  This course is open to all students without pre-requisites.  Students will take a final examination at the end for the course.  Students who wish to do a research project for the Upper Level Writing Requirement can apply to the instructor to write a research paper in lieu of the exam.

2 credit hours.

Faculty: Robert A. Spolzino, Adjunct