March 2016 Alumni Highlight

March 2016 Alumni Highlight

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Kevin Sylvester

Kevin Sylvester (’15) received his degree from Pace Law School in January 2015.  How he arrived at Pace three years early is a story unto itself.  Kevin took what he calls the “scenic route,” noting that after high school he spent three years at SUNY Albany without a real direction.  Changing gears, he moved home and regrouped, working as a clerk at Westchester Medical Center.  Following the events of September 11th while sitting in a windowless office, surrounded by endless stacks of paper, Kevin realized that he needed to find value in his career.       

It was that moment that led to a drastic change in direction that set Kevin on his current career path – he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  With the Marines, Kevin served as an Aviation Supply Specialist, a Primary Marksmanship Instructor, and the Staff Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge of Training for Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 49.  Along with a trendy haircut and a new perspective on life, Kevin also gained access to the GI Bill, which made a second chance at education possible.  He was granted an Honorable Discharge in 2010, allowing him to focus on family, work and education.  Kevin finished his undergraduate career through Empire State College, studied for the LSAT, and earned a partial academic scholarship to attend Pace Law School. 

In 2003, Kevin became a Police Officer with the Ossining Police Department.  He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2009 and began law school in 2011.  During the first week of 2L year, he and his wife welcomed their first child, Henry.  Kevin was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant at the beginning of 3L year, during which time he managed the Department’s Support Services Division and took a key role in negotiating a $7.5 million Inter-Municipal Agreement to proving policing services to the neighboring Town of Ossining.  He also developed a policy and implemented a program through which Ossining become the first police department in Westchester County to utilize body-worn cameras on a full-time basis.  On January 1, 2016, Kevin was promoted to Chief of the Ossining Police Department.  At 35 years old he is the youngest current Police Chief in Westchester County.  This month the Sylvesters welcomed a daughter, Lucille.     

Kevin looks at law school as a turning point in his life, “[my] experiences at Pace Law, together with relationships that I built during my law school career, were significant factors in achieving the career that I have today. Law School helped me look at things with a new prospective.  My view of the criminal justice system is very different today than it was when I began this journey.”  When asked which professors shaped his experience at Pace, Kevin states that he “truly enjoyed working with Professor Lou Fasulo during the trial advocacy program.” And, that “Leslie Garfield is an incredible person and professor.” Kevin missed his first day of contracts when his son was born and Professor Garfield provided personal assistance to keep him updated while giving him the flexibility to tend to his new family. 

Pace remains an ever-present part of Kevin’s professional life.  Recently, he was on the hiring committee that hired a Pace Law School Class of 2014 graduate.  If Kevin could give advice to potential and current law students, he would encourage them to seek a career that they believe will be fulfilling to them and that it does not necessarily have to be a traditional legal career.  “There is so much value in a law degree. It has been the cornerstone in my career as a police officer.”

Kevin has held executive board positions with the Ossining Policeman’s Benevolent Association for the past ten years.  He has been a guest lecturer at the Westchester County Police Academy, where he instructs the Police Mountain Bike Course.  He also teaches courses on Search & Seizure and Use of Force at the Westchester Youth Police Academy.  He is a member of the Ossining Volunteer Fire Department, American Legion Post 509, and the Westchester Detachment of the Marine Corps League. 

Kevin lives in Ossining with his wife, Mimi, and their two children, Henry and Lucille.  When not serving the people of Ossining, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family and training for endurance sports.  This year he hopes to complete his second New York City Marathon.