Leadership Awards Dinner 2007

The Thirteenth Annual Alumni Leadership Awards Dinner was held on November 1, 2007 at the Rye Town Hilton This year’s event gave Law School an opportunity to honor two outstanding members of the legal community, Noah J. Hanft and Janet A. Johnson Beyond their impressive work in the legal community, both individuals have had lasting impressions as mentors on the lives of past and present Pace Law students.

Noah Hanft’s association with the Law School comes through the Minority Mentoring Program that was established between MasterCard and the Pace Law School Career Development Office in 2005 Through this program, more than thirty minority students from the LawSchool have received formal professional mentoring from corporate in-house legal department professionals at MasterCard The Law School is truly proud to be involved in this collaborative commitment to diversity.

Janet Johnson has served the Law School for over twenty years: as Dean from 1983-1989, as a professor from 1989 to the present, and as Co-director of our Women’s JusticeCenter since 1999 In addition, Janet has been extensively involved in promoting justice in our community, particularly in terms of family and matrimonial law She has strongly impacted the lives of those who have had the pleasure to work with her and has shaped the legal careers of so many of the Law School’s students

This years Dinner raised over $152,000 that will benefit LawSchool’s many outstanding academic, student and faculty programs



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