Joelle Harris, Solicitor General

Joelle Harris, Solicitor General

Pace Law School graduate, Joelle Harris (LLM ’12), has been named Solicitor General to the government of Dominica.

“This position required LLM qualification so, were it not for my year at Pace, I would not have been eligible,” Ms. Harris wrote in an email to Franz Litz, her former professor and executive director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center.

One of the main reasons Ms. Harris selected Pace Law, she said, was the opportunity to participate in the UN Diplomacy Practicum which allows Pace Law students to work with a Permanent Mission to the United Nations. Harris worked with the Mission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

“This was perhaps the highlight of my time at Pace,” she shared.  “I earned a wealth of knowledge and experience from my work at the Mission and, along with attending meetings at the UN, it really opened my eyes to the inner workings of international relations. I believe I was also able to establish invaluable connections with diplomats and experts who work, every day, towards developing international environmental law.” 

Harris also cited the diversity she found at Pace. Her Pace Law classmates were from Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, and France, as well as from all over the United States. Such diversity provided what she described as “a unique classroom experience.”

In her new post as Solicitor General, Harris works under the supervision of the Attorney General of Dominica where she advises government ministries and departments on legal matters including law reform and revision. She prepares contracts, works on legislation and treaties, and represents the government on civil proceedings.

Caption: Joelle Harris and her father on their way to Privy Council.