Guided Research (LAW 723)

Students must obtain approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs no later than the last day of the Drop/Add period by providing a written research proposal approved by the supervising faculty member.  The proposal must be supervised by a Full-time faculty member, OR by an Adjunct faculty member with prior permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  Guided Research Project Request Form (available at the Registrar's Office) must be submitted to the Associate Dean for approval, after a supervising faculty member approves the proposal.  Only available to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 (B) or a B+ average in the particular subject area in which the research is undertaken.  Available for 1 or 2 credits only.  No more than one subject may be undertaken in a semester.  No more than two such projects may be applied for credit towards the Juris Doctor degree.  Faculty members may supervise only three projects in a semester.  The final paper, after grading, must be filed with the Registrar.  The Research Proposal must be prepared in the following form:  problem (a precise statement of the particular inquiry to be undertaken); approach (various questions that need to be raised and investigated in order to explore the problem); method of inquiry (published materials, interviews, simulations, experiments, and other methods of inquiry intended to be used); data (indication of the nature of data contemplated, not a bibliography).

1 to 2 credit hours.