Graduate Student Profiles

Saud Alhassan Saud Abdulaziz Al SaudSaud Alhassan Saud Abdulaziz Al Saud, a student from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, decided to do an LLM at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University to advance his career. He chose Pace Law because of its international reputation and the graduate programs staff and faculty. Saud said, “I honestly like all the professors I met in class or out of class. They are pleasant and approachable.” There is no doubt that Pace Law has left a footprint in Saud’s life, “Pace is my home and family. There is no place like home. That’s how I would describe my time at Pace.”
Tais LaureanoTais Laureano, a student from Brazil, chose to do an LLM at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University because a graduate degree is greatly valued in her home country. Tais decided to attend Pace Law because the school is well known in Rio de Janeiro, her hometown, and it is one of the best environmental law schools in the United States. Along with the great location near New York City, Tais appreciated the great professors and classes offered, specifically the UN Diplomacy Practicum. Tais notes that Pace Law has helped her to improve her resume so that she can pursue better job opportunities. She describes her experience at Pace Law as, “Really good. The professors are amazing, you can tell they know a lot, and the classes are very interesting.” The best part about studying at Pace Law for Tais has been the UN Diplomacy Practicum. “I never thought I could work at the UN,” she said.
Christopher NahasChristopher Nahas was drawn to the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University for his LLM degree because he wanted to change career directions and had a longstanding interest in environmental law. He chose Pace Law because it is one of the top programs in the country for Environmental Law. Other factors in Chris's decision included the UN Diplomacy Practicum, the large variety of courses and activities offered, and the very helpful and friendly staff. While here, Chris participated in the UN Diplomacy Practicum, serving as a Legal Advisor to CARICOM and Grenada. “I hope to devote my career to the protection and betterment of the global environment.  Specifically, I aspire to work for the UN, an NGO or a government agency such as the EPA.” Chris reports that his experiences at Pace Law have been nothing less than exceptional. “The professors at Pace Law are highly accessible, thoroughly knowledgeable, and committed to the environment.  They are also really a pleasure to interact with. My classes have been highly informative and useful.”