Food Law Externship

As part of the Food Law Initiative, the Natural Resources Defense Council offers a for-credit placement to a Haub Law student in a Food Law Externship each fall and spring semester. Students earn four credits while working two days per week with the NRDC's food law team in New York City.

NRDC Food Law Externship

FLI places one Haub student each semester with the regional food law team at the NRDC. Students work with NRDC attorneys on a range of food law issues including food waste, school food procurement programs, and supplemental nutrition assistance. The inaugural extern, Dr. Tyson-Lord Gray (Haub Law ’17), noted that "Because these topics are rarely addressed in standard law school classes, the Pace-NRDC Food Law Initiative provides any unparalleled experience for anyone interested in food and agricultural issues.”

Application Instructions

Please submit a CV, cover letter, and writing sample to by April 15 for a fall placement or by November 1 for a spring placement. The student selected must enroll in either Law 829, for a four-credit externship, or Law 901 for a two-credit externship. Students interested in the two-credit option should speak with Professor Margot Pollans about identifying an appropriate externship faculty supervisor.

Other Food Law Employment Opportunities

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Interested students can contact Faculty Director Professor Margot Pollans for further information.