Environmental Summer Testimonials

This is the second year that Pace has offered summer environmental law courses to students and lawyers from around the world. Here are some reviews of the inaugural Environmental Summer Institute classes that took place in 2013:

"Amy [Mehta]'s classes inspired me in many ways. It was easy to see that she worked really hard for the classes, and I was surprised with how much I could learn in so short a time. Her method is really efficient, and her passion for the topic is inspiring. Because of what I have seen with her, I have decided to pursue a career related to International Environmental Law."

"The professor's enthusiasm for the subject matter and interest in bringing her students knowledge was very much appreciated."

The combination of a trip to the UN, classroom instruction and discussion, and role play was a good one for learning this subject.

"The professor's real world experience in the area of UNFCCC climate change negotiations was invaluable."

"[T]he moment I saw my welcome packet, I knew I was in for an unforgettable experience! . . . I met some wonderful people. I do hope that you will continue to organize these Environmental Law courses, I might just visit Pace University again!"

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