Environmental Careers and Alumni

The Elisabeth Haub School of Law has graduated over a thousand lawyers who specialize in environmental law.  These lawyers are now employed in every sector of environmental law and practice, providing our new graduates with a powerful alumni network when they begin to search for their own environmental legal careers. Watch this short alumni video to learn about how some of our alumni use their environmental law training.

Many of these environmental alumni return to the Haub School each February to serve as judges in our National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition, giving current environmental students an opportunity to meet and interact with practicing environmental lawyers. Other graduates mentor students in our environmental law externship programs, attend environmental conferences at the law school, or participate in environmental career days at Pace.

Significantly, Haub is the only law school in Westchester County, and our graduates frequently practice environmental law locally.  Having a nearby network of practicing attorneys provides ample opportunity for students to find employment during the academic year as well as summer break.

Our alumni listed below highlight just a few of the ways in which our graduates put their environmental law degrees to good use:

Sam Brown (JD '07)

John P. Cahill (JD '85, LLM '92)

Christopher Carnicelli (JD '93)

Emily Collins (JD '04)

Robyn Hanson (JD '06)

Pete Harrison (JD '11)

Elaine Hsiao (JD '09, LLM '10)

Emily Masalski (JD '05)

Visit the Career Development page for more information on starting your career as an environmental attorney or other professional. Haub publishes a Guide to Environmenal Legal Careers. Please inquire with Career Development for the password to access the document.

Are you an environmental alum? Join the Environmental Alumni Council to get involved.

Read our 2014-15 year in review letter from Professor Jason Czarnezki, Executive Director of the Haub Environmental Law Program.