Nicole G. Moncayo

  • Director, Employer and External Relations and Strategic Professional Development Initiatives

Nicole holds a BA in Political Science and Speech Communication from the Pennsylvania State University, and is a 2003 graduate of Pace Law School. Nicole joined the Center for Career Development in June 2006 after working at a White Plains real estate and estates law firm. Nicole is responsible for developing and managing an employer recruitment plan, working with alumni and recruiting partners to provide career opportunities and programs for students, organizing our fall and spring recruitment programs and Winter Career Fair, overseeing the collection of the NALP, ABA, and US News and World Report Employment Surveys, administering our online database management system and handling the human resources and financial functions of the CCPD. Additionally, Nicole works on strategic professional development initiatives focusing on technology at the law school, including oversight of the law school's website. Nicole is a member of NALP, the American Bar Association, NYC Bar Association, NYS Bar Association, and SafeZone a program dedicated to promoting a safe and inclusive campus environment for LGBTQA individuals.