Cynthia Pittson

  • Professor

Professor Pittson is currently the Head of Reference Services at Pace Law Library.  She began working at Pace as a reference librarian in June 2000, while she was still a student in the Law School's evening program.  Cynthia graduated from Pace Law School in 2003, and passed the New York bar shortly thereafter.  Prior to coming to Pace, Cynthia worked at the H.W. Wilson Company, a database publisher in the Bronx, in a variety of roles, beginning as an indexer for the Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, and eventually managing the full-text services department.

Professor Pittson teaches research sessions for Introduction to U.S. Law, Legal Writing, and Research, a required course for Pace LL.M. students whose first law degree was earned outside the United States.  She also teaches the research component of the first-year required course Fundamental Legal Skills.

She serves as the administrator for the Pace Law School Digital Commons, an institutional repository that collects faculty scholarship and all volumes for Pace Law Review, Pace Environmental Law Review, Pace International Law Review, and Pace Intellectual Property, Sports & Entertainment Law Forum.