Criminal Law Faculty

John Bandler – Advanced Issues in Criminal Law: Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

Carol Barry – Prosecutorial Externship, Honors Prosecutorial Externship, Advanced Issues in Criminal Law: Best Prosecutorial Practices

Perry Carbone – Criminal Procedure: Investigation; White Collar Crime

David Dorfman – Criminal Justice Clinic; Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure: Investigation; New York Criminal Procedure

Lou Fasulo – Skills Workshop: Forensics; Trial Advocacy

Robin Frankel – Criminal Justice Clinic

Ben Gershman – Criminal Procedure: Investigation

Fred Green – Advanced Issues in Criminal Law: Sex Crimes

Sasha Greenawalt – Criminal Law; International Criminal Law; Prosecution of War Crimes

Lissa Griffin – Comparative Criminal Procedure; Criminal Procedure: Adjudication; Evidence; Lawyer[ing[ and Science; Professional Responsibility;

John Humbach – Criminal Law

Patrick Joyce – Advanced Appellate Advocacy; Federal Criminal Pretrial Simulation; Trial Advocacy

Thomas McDonnell – Criminal Law; International Human Rights Law

Jessica Miles – Domestic Violence Law

Anton Pribysh – Criminal Justice Clinic

Phil Pulaski – Advanced Issues in Criminal Law: The Law of Policing

Calvin Scholar – Criminal Procedure: Adjudication

Stefen Short – Prisoners’ Rights

Bobbi C. Sternheim – Trial Advocacy