Community Tools

The Land Use Law Center provides access to a wealth of resources designed to assist students, municipal officials and community groups in several areas of land use concern. Here you can access a wide range of materials related to Development Law, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), HousingIntermunicipal CooperationLocal Environmental Law, and Mediation. Students developed this site as part of the Center’s first year orientation program. The students spent the semester researching available resources in the six topics listed above and designed web pages that provide comprehensive coverage of each topic.  

Clicking on the above links will allow you to access resources available at the Land Use Law Center, Pace Gerber Glass Law Library, and state and local government offices. You will also find links to various professional organizations and advocacy groups. A summary of relevant case law and statutes for each of the six topics is also included.

This site is the product of student research and is designed only as a starting point for those seeking information related to these topics. The Land Use Law Center is not responsible for the content of the linked sites, nor does it specifically embrace the policy of any particular site.