Centers and Research Opportunities

Faculty and students at Elisabeth Haub School of Law have access to a variety of research centers, including:

The Global Center for Environmental Legal Studies (GCELS) provides research on a wide range of international and comparative environmental issues.
The Brazil-American Institute for Law and Environment (BAILE) is a unique combination of classroom and field training, BAILE takes Haub students to Brazil where they experience and compare environmental law first hand.
The Energy and Climate Center is a major public interest leader in energy conservation and renewable energy advocacy, the Center is one of a small group that regularly meets to advise environmental NGOs on the national agenda of energy issues.
The Pace-NRDC Food Law Initiative seeks to address the direct legal service needs of food justice organizations, farmers, and food entrepreneurs by increasing capacity of the legal community to meet those needs through education of law students and training of lawyers.
The Land Use Law Center for Sustainable Development is dedicated to fostering the development of sustainable communities through innovative land use strategies and dispute resolution techniques. It leads the nation in educating local land use leaders in land use law and community decision-making.
The Kheel Center for the Resolution of Environmental Interest Disputes educates practitioners and Haub students in alternative dispute resolution techniques in order to resolve environmental interest disputes that cannot be resolved by litigation, such as those surrounding climate change.
Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary, university-wide program that works to advance the understanding of the symbiotic relationship between nature and society. It spearheads the formation of theEnvironmental Consortium of Hudson Valley Colleges & Universities and launching the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries.