Barbara C. Salken Criminal Justice Clinic

Student attorneys enrolled in the Criminal Justice Clinic handle all aspects of the representation, from arraignment through sentencing, of indigent clients charged with misdemeanor offenses in the Bronx County Criminal Court. This could include bail applications, factual investigation and discovery, motions and memoranda of law, hearings on motions, negotiation with the District Attorney, trial and sentencing advocacy, and, if necessary, probation and parole revocation hearings.

Seminars introduce students to the basics of New York State criminal procedure and practice in advance of the first arraignment sessions and, thereafter, focus on substantive legal and lawyering skills. Seminars may include videotaped simulations and student presentation of issues raised by their cases.

Student attorneys must be able to spend at least one full day per week in the Bronx and attend two weekly seminars. Preference is given to third- and fourth-year students. Prerequisites: Evidence, Criminal Procedure (Investigation), Trial Advocacy. Criminal Procedure (Investigation) and Trial Advocacy may be waived or taken concurrently in exceptional circumstances. Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiation is recommended.

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