Affordable Housing Summit 2023

The 6th Annual Hudson Valley Affordable Housing Summit

Compacts and Crises - Practical plans to address the Housing Shortage

May 11, 2023

8-8:45am In-Person Registration and Networking Breakfast - PROGRAM BEGINS AT 9AM

On January 10 of this year Governor Hochul introduced her New York Housing Compact to address New York’s statewide housing crisis.  Even if the Compact does not become law, intense housing shortage is a challenge that all of New York’s communities must address, whether they want to or not.  The housing crisis in the Hudson Valley is particularly acute, but fortunately the region is already making progress.

The 6th Annual Hudson Valley Affordable Housing Summit, using the Governor’s Housing Compact as a starting point,  will explore practical strategies for addressing the housing crisis in our area, through Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) and collaborative local strategies for identifying sites and developing housing. Emphasis will be on practical considerations, available resources, and implementable strategies.

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