Delinquent Outstanding Balances

Delinquent outstanding balances, including those from installment payment plans, are subject to collection by the University or, at the University’s option, its designated agent. Late charges and interest may be added to a delinquent outstanding balance. In addition, the actual collection expenses, including attorneys’ fees, if any, incurred by the University will be added to the delinquent outstanding balance. The amount of the actual collection expenses and fees may exceed fifty percent of the delinquent outstanding balance (including any late charges and interest).
Any student who has a delinquent outstanding balance is not eligible to enroll at the University. The University will not provide copies of transcripts to or on behalf of any student with a delinquent outstanding balance. A delinquent outstanding balance will be reported to all national credit bureaus and may significantly and adversely affect the student’s credit history. The University may pursue legal action to recover the amount of the delinquent outstanding balance, plus any late charges, interest, actual collection expenses, court costs, and attorneys’ fees.